Loving Black Pudding….


Loving Black pudding....

This is on here for no other reason than my breakfast this morning was delicious and a firm favourite of mine!

A slice of pan fried Bury black pudding on rye bread topped with a poached egg.

Breakfast does not get much better than this!

Poaching to perfection…


Poaching to perfection...

This is my idea of egg heaven…a perfectly poached oeuf…lots of stuff around about adding vinegar, swirling the water, wafting a hazel twig over the pan (joke) but in the end, all that counts is using a good free range egg – we buy local ones from a friend – bringing water to the boil – take it off the heat – carefully slip in the egg, use a slotted spoon to ensure the white does not go too far – though it rarely does – then pop back on ring-turn off heat and time for two minutes- if you of course want it runny like the 2nd photo of mine this morning that follows..it was delicious….no yolk…oh dear….